Not responsible for your death, amputation or mutilation

Come if you Dare

Are you afraid of screams in the dead of night? Could you walk deep into the woods where monsters wait and werewolves hunt? Fear will consume you, terror will dominate you, and HORROR will possess you. Welcome to Horror Woods, where your deepest & darkest of fears will be brought to life and your nightmares are longer a dream. Keep your closet shut and be ready to scream at things that go bump in the night. What awaits you within our woods will remain with you and haunt you for the rest of your life. Can you handle what awaits you in a place your screams go unheard and unnoticed? Come check us out at Horror Woods. Come join us in the greatest haunting of your life!! SCARED YET???

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We Open At Dark
Ticket Booth Closes at 11:00pm

Adults: $15.00
Youth (under 13): $10.00

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